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Mother’s Day

As Motherโ€™s day approaches I feel the need to say a few words of thanks to my mother.

Mum, you are a true inspiration; words cannot begin to describe my feelings of complete adoration that I feel for you. I am lucky, lucky to deserve a mother as loving and caring as you.

From a very young age you taught me how to utilize the most important of emotions and how to let go of the most damaging. You taught me love, most importantly. Without love the world would be a bitter existence. You taught me forgiveness, as it may lead to disease. You used to say, โ€œAllow your heart to soften and let your heart breatheโ€.ย I could only let go of all my anger, all my resentment because of your calming soft words of love and compassion.

I remember you saying โ€œMy daughter does not have a negative bone in her body; she does not feel jealousy or nastiness, not ever.โ€ From a little girl, I listened to these words, as the truth and as a result, to this day, I am not an angry, jealous, or envious person.

I have grown to be loving, happy and encouraging of all. I love the woman I have grown to be. I am full of compassion, empathy, adoration, respect and most importantly love, just like you!

Thank you Mum for being the best mother I could have possibly wished for, and I probably did! I love you.

Happy Motherโ€™s Day. xxoo

Jennie and Gail

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