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Revere your body

For starters I want to tell you all that I am extremely excited about this new adventure!

I recently went to Sydney and spent an entire week seeking inspiration on the health and beauty front. I feel so incredibly inspired and feel so lucky to be alive and by this I mean living to my greatest potential and to appreciate what we have here in Warrnambool.

The pace in which everybody travels in Sydney is intense. I was very aware of how much time the people of Sydney invest in their daily routine and just how much they fill into it. Most people are just getting home to eat dinner at around 9pm. There is a lot of commuting, and forever waiting for a train!

My point is, we are lucky to live in Warrnambool, an amazing rural/coastal town that is expanding daily and we should make the most of how much time we have available to us in our lives and we should live it as much as we possibly can.

The ultimate secret weapon that we all have is the opportunity for optimal health because without it we are weak and we fall to illness and disease. I know that I repeat this mantra a lot throughout my writing but for our health to remain at its most optimal level we must fuel our body with nourishing healthy food. This treatment alone will give us a happy, energetic spring back into our step.

I also must share with you the best documentary I have ever seen, it is called “Food Matters”. It will blow you away! You can purchase it at “Go Vita” which is located opposite Monaghan’s on Fairy Street. Watch it and you will understand why I keep coming back to diet.

I really want you, my clients to get excited about good health and quality of life. Love your body, love yourself. REVERE!!!

Jennie x

Beauty, health and wellbeing is a lifestyle for Jennie, keeping up to date with what is new in the industry by attending industry conferences, trade shows and undertaking ongoing training.
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